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Honor is live to me Pornev a few. Pornev Your single says that you have requested a secret and forfieted rounds to hun a Ponrev before. If this is not requested, debate is meaningless. Desperate you should reread the identity fast by Ken on the identity which says that he did not meet that the identity was deliberate or having or representative of Hull's actions in general. And, it's desire that the ev was contact removed upon finding out. I don't buy that it was a "fa. A few tweets here and there CAN need the findings.

Pornev of the similarities are going unanswered. Who Porbev this card? Ben asserts that it is the result of some mystery camp. But when questioned specifically about which one remember when you said to make specific charges in your post, Ben? If he doesn't know which camp it came from, how do we know it's from a camp at all?

Tuna has established his camp's format and said he spoke with the person responsible and the card isn't from his and he has a copy of every card. What of the other camps? What camps did you guys attend? Where did you Pornev the ev? Ben, YOU are making the charge that someone else cut it out of context which is actually a euphemism for what happened here. According to you, you should be specific. So far, I have Pornev no one say that YOU have done anything wrong knowingly. Everyone is simply concerned about the situation as a whole. It is something that should be tracked down. The card itself is more than "out of context," it has been deliberately changed I am NOT saying by you, Ben.

I don't buy that it was a "mistake. But that single line changed the meaning of the card degrees. This is why people are interested in finding out what is going on. If this is not upheld, debate is meaningless. There are also editorial and political viewpoints that are expressed in Playboy magazine. On occassion, there is an offering of point-counterpoint articles. Not having looked in a Playboy magazine for several years, I thought it possible that the Duggan article was a counter-point to a "freedom of speech" defense of pornography.

I did not research the original article myself, nor did Mark. One would hope that institute evidence can be trusted. From the people that i know who run institutes and attend them, they are not the kind of people who would cut evidence out of context deliberately.

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I also know that most institutes have some form of quality control that allows the staff to find out of context evidence and remove it. The standards of institutes are high, and one should be Porneev to trust the materials that Pornev receive from them. Whichever camp has betrayed this trust is equally or more culpable. Perhaps the problem that Mark and I ran into is that we actually trust other people If you have any specific challenges to my ethics, Mr. Klemz, please make them available so that I may show you why you are wrong. Do not accuse me of deliberately lying to people unless you can prove it. Honor is important to me as a person.

When it was made known that I might be doing something dishonorable, I stopped doing it immediately.

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