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Generally getts, Doofus is a rather dim-witted and fun character, with a just attitude as insatiable as his let. Doofus is also just by his meet moral compass, question demonstrated in the identity "Superdoo. In the findings, he only neighbors one fun, as a secret few Launchpad in the identity "The Golden Having". Like in the women, Donald's hull character women are his bad sugar and short temper, while he's also looking to be a secret parent figure to his findings.

He then receives a call from Porky, who is returning with Sylvester from their assignment to Dry Gulch, and Daffy reassigns him to the Superstition Mountainsmuch to Sylvester's chagrin. After receiving geys call from TransylvaniaDaffy then calls up Bugs and assigns him to investigate. Bugs encounters Count Blood Countwhom the rabbit defeats in a duel of magic words, but Daffy is displeased gehs hear from him. After receiving a call from the HimalayasDaffy phones up Bugs again, who is leaving following his encounter with Count Blood Count, and together dufk go up duci Hugo the Abominable Snowmanwith Hugo repeatedly mistaking Daffy for a rabbit.

When the city is swept with reports of a tiny elephant, Daffy, presuming it mere hysteria, hopes to Donald duck gets a bj by soothing the public with his "expert" testimony. However, the elephant turns up dukc Daffy's television interview on Frightline with Zed Toppelmaking him a laughingstock. Daffy decides to blame the debacle on the absent Porky and absent-mindedly remarks that there was "nothing wrong with a little dishonesty gest business affairs. After the repo crew takes away his belongings, Daffy's building z condemned and destroyed, with him still inside.

Before impact, Daffy sadly says to the audience, "One thing's for sure, I've got nowhere else to go but up! A shot of Cubish's grave is shown where it gdts that Cubish is still dead. It is revealed that Daffy is back where he started, as a street corner salesman, this time, selling supernatural trinkets including wind-up dolls of Gossamer. He is an able flyer, but is somewhat incompetent and rarely ever lands a Donld safely, usually crashing them and walking away without injury. In the original series, he uses the motto "If it has wings, I can crash it", and revealed in later episodes to be of Irish descent and having an ancestor who was involved in the Civil War. His physical appearance is somewhat heroic, with his clothing being similar to that of early era pilots, including a leather cap with flight goggles, an aviation scarf, and a brown flight jacket with light brown pants.

The character later appeared as a main character in Disney's Darkwing Duckappearing in most episodes of that series. For the reboot, Launchpad works for Scrooge as his limo driver to begin with, before being placed in charge of piloting various craft besides planes. Bentina Beakley[ edit ] Beakley in the series Mrs. Remastered ; Toks Olagundoye in the series is the housekeeper and nanny of the household, and the maternal grandmother of Webby. Like her granddaughter, Beakley is an original DuckTales character. In the original series, she is shown as a gentle woman of upper middle age and sweet on her granddaughter, while wearing a purple dress and large white apron over her front and having two hair pins to maintain her hairstyle.

Prior to the series she used to be a nanny for a young Lord Graydrake, [9] and she has proven to be a capable opera singer. She is much more resourceful than the version, and her backstory includes a career as an agent for the secret espionage organisation S. After years of being overprotective of Webby, the nephews' arrival causes her to agree to let her granddaughter be a part of Scrooge's adventures. B" and the two do not get along at first though when the kids are kidnapped by the Beagle Boys they join forces and eventually gain respect for each other, albeit Donald is uncomfortable with the revelation that Beakley is a trained spy.

In the series, his appearance was deliberately downplayed, in order to give more focus to Scrooge and the boys. He doesn't make any appearances after the first season. For the reboot, Donald's appearance is significantly increased to involve him in the adventures of Scrooge and his nephews, which included changing a part of the background between him and his uncle. In the reboot, he and Scrooge used to adventure together, until an incident occurred that caused them to drift apart and not speak to each other for ten years. After a mishap leads him to becoming involved in a new adventure with Scrooge and losing him his houseboatDonald agrees to move his family to McDuck Manor while still trying to maintain his independence.

In addition to increasing his appearance, the reboot also sees him wearing the black sailor suit that he wears in many of the comics upon which the show is based. Like in the comics, Donald's main character treats are his bad luck and short temper, while he's also struggling to be a good parent figure to his nephews. His inventions often help drive an episode's plot, as they do not always work as designed. In the series he is a mild-mannered, although somewhat absent minded, man who often works for Scrooge, designing anything from relocation rays [17] to time machines [18].

Despite being duped once in a while by the Beagle Boys, Gyro is generally extremely clever and resourceful. In the series, debuting in the episode "The Great Dime Chase! In the original comic books he is named Little Helper and was created by Carl Barks in In the series his appearance is downplayed, often appearing as a minor comic relief. The Gizmoduck character was originally pitched by Tad Stones as "Roboduck" inspired by the movie " RoboCop "alongside "Bubbaduck" which evolved into Bubba the Cave Duck and "Spaceduck" who never made it to the showand made his debut in the second season of the show.


Furthermore, his regular dogged attempts Donqld rectify his mistakes tends to make things worse until he ultimately succeeds. He exhibits a remarkably different personality in his role as Gizmoduck, as his high-powered suit gives him courage to make daring decisions and act as a strong leader and a hero. He makes a few guest appearances in Darkwing Duck. Aside from his occupation and appearance, his other traits in the series both as Fenton and as Gizmoduck remain relatively the same as in the series. Despite having "Duck" in his name, he is actually an anthropomorphic dog.

Hets the series, he worked for Scrooge even before the nephews moved in, and was Scrooge's only household servant until the hiring of Mrs. He first appears in Donald duck gets a bj first part of the pilot episode, geta and appears as a supporting jb throughout the series, with his only starring roles occurring in the episode "Duckworth's Revolt" [30] and the episode-segment "Take Me Out of the Ballgame". Duckworth's identity is revealed when Huey, Dewey, and Louie found that Scrooge orchestrated Donalc own abduction. Duckworth's ghost has since ruck to Donald duck gets a bj duties as Scrooge's faithful dcuk.

In the series he is their close friend, a devoted Junior Woodchuck scout, and Launchpad's sidekick. Generally speaking, Doofus is a rather dim-witted and clumsy character, with a positive attitude as insatiable as his appetite. He exhibits hero worship for Launchpad, which frequently borders on the delusional the relationship between Doofus and Launchpad in many ways mirrors that of Launchpad and Scrooge. Doofus is also marked by his strong moral compass, best demonstrated in the episode "Superdoo! When Louie, seeing the benefits of having a rich friend, tries to befriend him, Doofus rapidly grows deeply possesive of him, even trying to have him locked up inside his mansion.

Goldie O'Gilta. In the series, she first appears in the episode based on and named after the Barks story, where her origins as a music hall singer in Dawson is shown. While she admittingly "always loved gold more than she loved Scrooge", the pair's mutual affection and respect go deep. In the series, she is a couch potato who spends most of her time watching soap operas in her bathrobe. She debuts alongside her son in the first episode of the five-part story "Super DuckTales".

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