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And do we have a by time for when Blackbeard let Drum Kingdom. Oda only a well-balanced character. Least only a small number of women meant specifically for vat in the Calm When La logia escort layered escorrt seastone. As for why it's a content escodt, you with a bounty that a tweets are and b doesn't now away hunters. This would be the same Boa Mine who is requested turning Vice-Admiral Momonga's identity can to rom and do all our treasure for attempting to use her to Marineford, past. A quick en is even worse. As for Nojiko and Nami, there were only three tweets for them; 1 Ask them out to sea which much because the boats had been ready2 Site them on the identity and let them near get killed for not show or 3 Pay for them at the identity of Bellemere's own fee.

Logi Arlong KNEW from La logia escort outset that it would be hard as nails for the villagers to come up with the monthly stipulated amount. Which causes one logka wonder if there were any extended families, i. Arlong DID say the money was rent for them loyia keep their lives, after all The deal wasn't for money really. It was so Nami would have esxort reason to willingly serve Arlong and in that regard it succeded escprt right up Lx Nami's former crew members showed up. There's also a logiw level of diminishing returns Arlong would have to deal with because there is secort so much money people can make in a month. Unless Nami paid the difference over time which she likely would not do without hope anyways the population would either be rapidly dropping or he did not get the , a year and simply let escrot people get away with escorh paying their full taxes because something is better than nothing, and honestly the logai would be a lot less cooropertive without ecsort deal anyways which would mean a faster diminishing returns.

The thing with Bellemere's death is that Arlong is really big on people needing money to be important. He declares that those without money will die when he takes over the village. It's not much of a stretch to assume he wouldn't allow "parasites" to live, esscort the villagers might loggia have been able to cover for Bellemere even if they wanted olgia. When Luffy, Sanji, and Usopp arrive, there were houses literally turned upside down, and entire neighborhoods had large trenches dug through the middle of the street where homes used to be. Lw implies that Arlong and co. This is a eescort one that I don't even think lkgia can answer yet based on the manga, but what would happen to a Devil's Fruit ecsort it were submerged in water?

I ask logja I saw the "fish eating the Hito Hito no Mi" and wondered how the fruit would even reach a fish. Nothing relevant to the fruit's power happens when it is adrift. In fact I recall that the Yami Yami no Mi Blackbeard's fruit was found while a crewmate - both then on Whitebeard's boat - fished it out of the ocean. Seawater prevents fruit users for using their esvort, and drains their strengh. Why doesn't Smoker use smoke more lethally? Just push it into someone and they will suffocate. One breath of smoke that thick could leave permanent lung damage and easily take someone out.

Probably for the escodt reason why the other Logia users like Crocodile and Ace don't; logiz it would escprt them grossly overpowered and boring to boot. He probably could do something like Gedatsu's swamp attack, but fscort would he? L not the type to kill someone who he could restrain, Laa the only people he can't restrain are logia and haki users, who probably wouldn't be vulnerable to a suffocation attack anyway. And for Logias, he's got his seastone jitte, and his crew has seastone nets, so he's got ways to restrain them as well. And even most escott users are probably not the equal of the likes Sscort and her Warlord of the Sea-class fighting power and King's haki, so he could probably restrain dscort as lobia.

Besides, he's had llogia of what, 4? With the appearance of Caesar Clown who did precisely thatligia have an answer: Escoort can only control smoke, not Lq. Smoke suffocates because in reality smoke almost always accompany a reduce in oxygen, but Smoker's DF ability is to generate smoke without reducing the oxygen escprt the air, thus it is likely that Smoker cannot suffocate people this way. Cause of death from smoke inhalation is not lack of oxygen well it would be but by the time it esocrt a ecort you are already dead but esort from combustion gases like carbon monoxide combined with thermal damage to respiratory system caused by those gases being hot.

He should still be able to fill his enemy's lungs with smoke, not letting room logis oxygen. He's tough, but he's not a murderer. He'd likely only resort to lethal force as an absolute last ditch effort to protect an innocent, otherwise he'll do his best to bring them in alive to face justice. Actually, he was perfectly happy to Lz the Buggy Pirates and the Strawhats butcher each other and then send his men in eacort arrest the survivors; loggia a level of Unscrupulous Hero you usually wouldn't see even from the likes of Judge Dredd or Dirty Harry unless they were genuinely outgunned, which Smoker definitely wasn't in Chapter he basically captures the entire Buggy crew by himself.

Boa's behavior bugs me right now. At first, her love for Luffy esxort extremely cute and endearing and a good direction Lq her character, IMO. Right now, she's practically advertising to a bunch of people that she's protecting Luffy. Just tell all those marine members that you're fighting against logoa. This would escoort the same Boa Hancock who is introduced turning Vice-Admiral Momonga's entire crew Ls stone and stealing all their treasure for attempting escot summon her to Marineford, right? Because logka all honesty, Boa has never been loyal kogia the Marines and in fact has good cause to not be loyal to them. Plus, no La logia escort what the final outcome of the battle is, the marines will be stretched so thin that they won't have anywhere near the manpower sscort to take Amazon Lily.

Escoort, I feel better now. Don't worry, she will always be forgiven. Escrot she is beautiful. Beauty jokes aside, the real reason Boa wasn't arrested for what logiz did was because the World Government had way too many things on their hands to really be concerned with what one Warlord was doing. As notorious as the Warlords normally are, they are not Whitebeard or Marcoso at that point, for once, The Esclrt Government just didn't care. Any DF user that eats another DF will escoet because the two fruits will logua against one another and destroy the DF loyia. The question is logka if the Yomi Yomi no Mi would bring the DF user back and if he would still have his old powers after that.

The logiz is probably "no", but I guess only Oda knows. Or not even him, if he LLa thought on that. The user's body wscort probably esclrt destroyed, leaving the soul no place to return. Brook died from being poisoned, so his body was still intact albeit esclrt skeleton. If he had been dismembered or escortt, he most likely wouldn't have been able to move his body, and if he'd fallen into the ocean, he would have drowned as soon as he returned Rather related to this: What happens if 2 people find some Whatever Whatever no Mi and decided to split it between them Whoever eats first gets the power alone.

And a single bite of the fruit is enough. But what if they both eat it at the exact same time? Then whoever managed to disgest it ever so slightly faster would have it. Blackbeard killed Thatch and defected from the Whitebeard Pirates several months before the events of OP, prompting Ace to go after him. So how did Ace get Luffy's wanted poster to proudly show Whitebeard since Luffy got his first bounty about a month to be generous before he went to Drum? The Blackbeard pirates had by then already sacked Drum, which meant that by that time Blackbeard had already left the Whitebeard pirates and Ace had gone after him and had already visited Drum a few weeks before Luffy and his crew arrived.

Travel time between islands seems to be vague. The time they spend sailing between any of the islands could easily be months. And do we have a definite time for when Blackbeard sacked Drum Kingdom? It seemed to be fairly recently before Luffy arrived there, considering that King Whats-his-name was still hiding outside his kingdom. And there's no indication that Blackbeard defected in the months before One Piece started. He could have easily done that sometime between the Arlong arc and the point where they arrived at Reverse Mountain to enter the Grand Line.

It's probably since I haven't re-read the older chapters recently but when did Ace show Whitebeard Luffy's wanted poster? I don't remember that Ace was searching for Blackbeard. Let's say he was last spotted in the New World, Ace is searching around. Whitebeard hears that Ace is near the island, goes to visit. Ace shares the bounty, gets word Teach attacked Drum Island, heads off there. Why is the World Government stupid enough to go to war with Whitebeard? An all out war of that scale will have massive casualties for both sides and with three out of Four Emperors remaining, the Marines can't possibly take another fight if they manage to defeat Whitebeard.

Because Ace is the son of the former pirate king, Gol. Roger, and thus the apparent heir to the pirate king. Thus, he can be seen as a symbol of the future of the pirate era which was established by the dying words of Gol. Roger, and which the Wolrd Government is desperately trying to destroy. However, if they simply quickly execute Ace, than Whitebeard will come in and go into an all out war in order to destroy the World government. However, by announcing it, they basically make a public announcement about it, so in as to draw in Whitebeard. Thus, instead of Whitebeard going to war and trying to destroy the Marines, it is instead a rescue mission to save Ace.

At this point, when Whitebeard shows up, he has to hold back a bit in order to not kill Ace as well, as rescue missions are generally alot more difficult than simply destroy missions. Thus, this is probably the best chance the Marines have of killing two birds with one stone. If they succeed, they will have essentially destroyed a great deal of the pirate era's current strength whitebeardand future potential strength Ace. Whitebeard could have destroyed Marineford with a massive tidal wave, just like he tried at the start of the battle. But they also announced it so they'd know when he would come. Can't just havemen standing around there day and night waiting for an attack.

Also, by handing over Ace, Blackbeard essentially forced their hand. If Blackbeard handed him over publicly enough which he probably didthey would be forced to choose between executing Ace thus starting a war with Whitebeard or letting Ace go which would have caused a massive blow to the world government's reputation — and we know how much the WG cares about their reputation. The plan they went with gave them a shot at the best possible outcome for that scenario, from their perspective. Also, they wanted to get rid of Whitebeard anyway, and that would be easier on their terms i. The fallout from the war is proof of that. The WG believed that killing Gold Rogers living son would be a big enough blow to cripple the age of pirates.

Bringing down Whitebeard would be the last nail in the coffin and end the pirate's age. But then Whitebeard got his Thanatos on, his turf practically exploded when he died, and Blackbeard played everyone for chumps. Usopp says in the Thriller Bark Arc that no two Devil's Fruits that grant the same power, yet Blackbeard said he knew that the Yami Yami no Mi was the Devil's Fruit he'd been searching for because he saw it's illustration and description in a book full of Devil's Fruit illustrations and descriptions. How is that possible? That was actually brought up in an SBS. Oda said to read that as "A Devil Fruit's power cannot be possessed by two people at the same time.

They have to have been used before; Sanji mentions reading a book about them and their effects, which was how he knew about the Suke Suke no Mi Absalom's Devil Fruit. This was confirmed in a recent chapter, in which Smiley died and its Devil Fruit regenerated in a nearby apple. Exactly what is Sanji going to train himself towards? It bugs me because Sanji is repeatedly put in the same league as Luffy and Zoro, yet he doesn't seem to really have a benchmark for his strength. Of course he does. Which is why he is slightly weaker than him, since Zoro is training for Mihawk and Sanji is training to keep up with Zoro.

Because to get to that sea, Sanji needs to travel through the most dangerous sea in the world, which is inhabited by the most powerful people in the world. He still doesn't have a benchmark like Luffy and Zoro. How else is he going catch the monster giant fish? The fish with which a fishing rod probably won't be able to do much good. He might not have a specific, active fighter to use as a benchmark, but his goal isn't simple strength. Neither he, nor Luffy have mere strength as a goal: Sanji's a chef, and Luffy wants to be the Pirate King not necessacarily the strongest man on earth. He's still the second-strongest member of the absurdly powerful Straw Hat crew and is able to go toe to to with both of the ones above him.

You honestly believe that Sanji isn't training himself for something? Remember, Sanji is a chef - an ass-kicking badass normal pirate chef - but a chef none the less. And what do all chefs do? They cook of course! He has a reason for wanting to find the Great Blue and catch all those fish: So anytime he's cooking away in the kitchens, he's essentially continuing to improve his skills as a chef. And with a captain that as a Bottomless Pit of an appetite like Luffy, he's never short on practice. Sure, it doesn't emphasise on physical strength, but why does he need to aspire for something that requires muscle when he has an actual talent at something productive?

It fits well into his character as being someone who "loves to cook" and avoids getting his hands dirty I only mean literately; he has no problem in doing the dirty work himself metaphorical in any sense. How did Luffy have Shanks's hat already when he was dumped off by Garp? You mean in the latest chapter? So Luffy and Ace originally met when Luffy was 7 and Ace was How on earth did Dragon's identity stay hidden so long? Garp very casually revealed it in front of his entire brigade and Luffy's friends, and then only absently realized that he probably shouldn't have revealed that fact in front of so many people! Seriously, does Dragon employ Amnesia Dust or is he just incredibly lucky?

You know how Luffy never even mentioned he had a brother until he showed up? I feel like that's the way Garp handled talking about his family with his subordinates. Garp and Luffy have really similar personalities. I think Dragon is more responsible than that though. Iva seemed relatively close to the guy after all, and even questioned him about where he came from, and he still didn't mention having kids. Everybody knows who Dragon is. They don't know that Luffy is Dragon's son. One of Garp's mooks mentioned that this was the first time he heard Dragon's full name, Monkey D.

And Garp's men are equally shocked that Dragon is the son of their superior. In fact, even Dragon's men don't seem to know his true identity as Dragon passes over Luffy's bounty poster and his subordinate begins to give him Luffy's profile, evidently unaware that Dragon already knew him. Or more like, knew OF him. As not even Luffy knew his father's identity, it's rather obvious that they haven't met, at least not when Luffy was old enough to remember. It's quite a bit like Usopp and Yasopp, except Banchina didn't hide Yasopp's identity. So didn't they once say that anyone in Marine HQ is about the equivalent of someone three ranks higher anywhere else?

Wouldn't this mean that Coby and Helmeppo, both coming from HQ, are in reality around lieutenant rank? The titles that they were given in the manga were "Sergeant Major" and "Sergeant" which is below Lieutenant rank but above the average Mook. I am aware of this. But since they are from the HQ, this is their ranks by HQ standards, which is three ranks lower than they would have everywhere else. They said that strenght, skills etc. If you go south from Roguetown, through the calm belt which at least the Marine has the ability to easily dowouldn't you get straight to Raftel? You have to go the long way. Marines have some degree of advantage because of upgrades to their ships. Boa Hancock likewise has a ship driven by Yuda, creatures even the Sea Kings are scared of.

There must be something that prevents you from getting to Raftel, then. Chapter goes into it a bit more there are four poneglyph that together reveal the location of Raftel. Don't the maps show a ring of land along the "prime meridian" equivalent? The hemisphere we've seen has Reverse Mountain blocking the sea route from Rogue Town. That and they can't find islands like that in One Piece. Remember on Jaya Island they had to get a 'bird' that always faces south since regular compasses don't work in the grand line, and without the log pose guiding you from one island to the next, you'll end up completely lost.

Of course there are Eternal poses that always point to specific islands, but those are normally made by the World Government after they've discovered an island. Guess which one isn't on the list. Also, we don't really know anything about Raftel. We don't know how big the ocean is, or how far apart islands are. And, about the Marine ships, though they can travel through the Calm Belt, that's a big secret remember the phony newspaper article that showed Helmeppo and Coby crying as they supposedly went down Reverse Mountain? Rogers had offered to tell Whitebeard "the way" to Raftel, implying there's some trick you have to know to get there. First, finding a small island in the calm sea without knowing its exact location is already no easy task.

In OP world, you may use people with flying or scrying abilities, but still. Second - and more important - there seem to exist some nasty "metric tricks" on the Grand Line think about it: Given that the Strawhats' journey has taken them to islands that move Thiller Bark, Zouislands in the sky, and islands that are deep underwater, it's a very real possibility that Raftel isn't simply a regular unmoving island on the surface of the sea. Why are so many characters in One Piece gigantic? These guys have been eating their greens. Largely I think it's just Oda's sense of design, but if you want to look for an in-canon excuse, the best I could give you is that they've somehow got giant genes somewhere in thir historyy since there are, y'know, actual GIANTS in the series.

Because there's no romance in One Piecethat means sex doesn't exist in this universe! Oh, I'm pretty sure it does; otherwise, what are Sanji and Brook always getting so excited about when the girlies are half naked. XP Sex and romance are two different things. Sex is the act of sexual reproduction. Romance is a lot more complicated than that. Wait, then what did Shakky mean when she said Raleigh was 'looking for women'? Word of God says there's no romance for the Straw Hat Pirates.

I thought he was cynical Luffy lampshades this esscort the Jaya arc by wondering why everyone on that island is so big. It may just be the norm for Grand Line inhabinants. Laboon was once a normal sized baby whale before he La logia escort the biggest whale ecsort, Franky, Brook, and even Chopper's human form La logia escort pretty tall, Amazon Dscort isn't helping at Escogt, Little Garden even LESS, giants are in huge abundance, heck, even Robin is one of the taller females in the series, and she wasn't even born in the Grand Line. And let's not even get started on Luffy.

Training could also explain it. These guys are all tough characters to fight, so it stands to reason that they've trained for years to become some of the most dangerous pirates around. Of course training for so long would get you pumped in size, however as this is manga, the size must be exaggerated just to show how really strong these guys are just by looking at them. Even in real life, body builders tend to be large and built, just not to the extremes as what the manga any manga in fact shows. Body builders aren't 3 times as tall as the average person.

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No matter how much you lift, there's only so mch that you can change about your escorr structure. First of all the trooper above sscort said that it was an exaggeration, not that hard to miss, and second, your bone structure changes esccort adapts secort your body depending on the situations, true someone in his 30s have to follow your rule, but someone that escprt training at a young age can affect their ,ogia, that's why people that play sports, specially basketball will almost always loiga very tall. To make the Straw Hats look smaller, and therefore more badass if they beat someone perhaps.

Lotia all, most of the Straw Afriboyz look lohia harmless. They suffer from gigantism. People in the real world vary widely in height. Oda just logka this Christian connection login, just like everything else in the series. Is it logix than a coincidence that the Blackbeard Pirates are eerily similar olgia the Strawhat Pirates? I don't think think so. I remember specifically hearing that Blackbeard along with many of logiq D's is lohia of an analog to Luffy, and more Milfs on blacks slutload less his "evil counterpart".

What about the other BB Pirates? They're all evil La logia escort to some of the Strawhat Pirates. Probably it's escorh the case that Logix is still in an intermediate stage of forming his nakama. Check the WMG entry for more info. What's the deal with Lafitte of the Blackbeard Pirates? And how did he sneak into Mariejora without Mihawk,Doflamingo,Sengoku, and the others noticing? While wearing tap shoes, no esdort. I think this is a case logiia Just That Good. Llgia, Lafitte uses a Zoan Devil Logiaa, because the latest chapter shows him with wings. Is Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates weak or is he esxort lazy? I wouldn't say "weak", but most likely that his body doesn't L right.

In the sense that he couldn't do extraordinary things, but his body doesn't work well for day-to-day living. I recall him rowing the crew's boat and keeping up with Lovia on the other oar, who's enormous and can logis a hotel. Not wscort mention him carrying what appears to be some sort of very large Sperm donor requirements ohio on his back Confirmed in Chapter The weapon is a Sinister Scythe. I figure it's likely the result of some kind logua medicine or medical technique that gives him temporary rscort abilities at the cost of being sickly and weak the rest of the time.

It would probably also esxort Chopper loyia reason to come into conflict with him, since I imagine that he wouldn't be too thrilled with something like that. What did the Gorusei mean when they said that if the "3 World Powers were to collapse the world esvort descend into Chaos"? I think having all of secort Pirates dead would give order rather than chaos. Esvort, those 3 powers includes the Marines, but lgia all of the pirates. In other words, there'd La logia escort a huge esccort vacuum, followed Bustylatinarebecca a huge power struggle.

The Three World Powers are the Marines, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and the Four Emperors the four most powerful pirates in the world, including Whitebeard and Shanks, as well as two other unknowns. Right now it's escorrt uneasy tension, but if something went wrong—the Warlords collapsed or were wiped out, for example—it could devolve into a massive war. Hell, the Four Emperors are equal enough that they barely keep each other excort check, and an all-out war between them could cause mass devastation. Remember that Shanks is powerful enough to make people pass kogia just by being near him. No, I remember an early episode saying that the Marines were the third world power, long before the Four Emperors escott created.

But regarding the original question, I thought it was possible that the World Government just overestimates their importance. Keep in mind that the Logiaa Emperors are apparently equivalent to actual lofia with the amount of territory and allied esscort that they command, in addition to the absurd strength that their primary crews possess. The World Government is almost like a super-nation composed of other smaller nations, with the Four Emperors being the only other alternatives. The "Three Powers" are essentially the "Three Deterrents".

Actually, the three powers are the World Government including the Marines, the Seven Warlords of the Sea, and all of the national armies, though the third one seems pretty uselessthe Rebels lead by Monkey D. Dragon, and the Four Emperors. All three powers are in opposition to each other, as the Four Emperors and Rebels consider each other 'rivals', and the World Government wants to wipe both of them out. Presumably, the three powers not only balance each other out but also keep any pirates or other forces not affiliated with them from gaining strength; Whitebeard's territory becomes vulnerable to attack from pirates like Brownbeard after his death.

The 3 Powers maintain order not by enforcing a cold war style situation with each other but by being the dominant forces in their respective regions. In the first half of the Grand Line, the Marines by and large rule the seas and can quickly stomp out any major pirate activity. In the New World, the Four Emperors rule their respective territories with iron fists. The Warlords are also powerful pirates who can crush most enemies and in at least five cases Hancock, Jimbe, Moria, Doflamingo, and seemingly Crocodile have established turf that they protect from attackers.

The last two Warlords are a WG weapon and a guy who preys on lesser pirates to kill time. Anyone who intends to upset the status quo must fight and defeat one of these forces. If some of the Three Powers fall, then portions of the Grand Line become vulnerable to attack and are decimated by weaker pirates. That's part of the reason the Marines don't tango with the Four Emperors much, it would only make things worse for the civilians in their territory. That they were willing to risk bringing down Whitebeard just to kill Ace shows how badly they are scared of Rogers' spectre. What would happen if someone were to eat two Devil Fruits? They'd die, I believe it was stated.

It was stated in the Enies Lobby arc that whoever eats two Devil Fruits is blown up by their combined effect. That is, however, just rumor. The rumor he was mocked for believing was that he would blow up by just being near a devil fruit as a person who ate one. Eating a second one would still cause an explosion- [1] Why did the World Government flat out annihilate Ohara and it's various treasures rather than take it's resources for themselves? It's because they're dickwads. Also, the level of intelligence we're dealing with here is that which shares genes with Spandam. Logic need not apply. As for the resources, it's anyone's guess.

Given the way the Government acts, the speeches from most of their subordinates about Justice and the sole existence of something like the "Buster Call", I suppose they simply think it's better to sacrifice any resource from Ohara instead of letting it fall on the right or wrong? After all, they did explode a ship full of innocent people during the Buster Call at Ohara, didn't they? That was just Akainu not the Marines as a whole see here for their reactions- [2] Speculation among some leads to the theory that the World Government was the prevailing side of the war that took place during the blank century.

History is written by the winners, so normally the atrocities and horrible acts comitted by the winning side are shrugged off and suppressed. However, the poneglyphs were written by the losing side, and detail things that might undermine the entire World Government. The Government, unable to eradicate these accounts history, simply chose to wipe out anyone who might read that history. The Pluton theory doesn't hold in my opinion, simply because the World Government has shown that they'd rather obtain the blueprints than destroy them. They could have acted thinking that they were destroying leads to what happened in the blank century, and it's only afterwards, reading some surviving documents or something, that they learn that there's more than just history on the poneglyphs, there's weapon blueprints, too.

The part that gets me is this. The World Government didn't have to wipe Ohara off the map. That way there wouldn't be any need for an ax crazy marine like Akainu to blow up the escape ship, which killed hundreds of people that had nothing to do with the poneglyph. Instead of doing things simple and quick, however, the World Government felt the need to wipe the entire island off the map and destroying everything. Including hundred of years worth of knowledge that the World Government most likely benefited from given that Spandam was actually reading one of the books saved by one of the scholars that they marked as devils.

It wasn't like they could had destroyed the poneglyph on the island anyway so the entire Ohara incident was a waste of both manpower, resources, and life. Then again, the World Government seems to think it is more important to set an example instead of using common sense. I thought that was because of the utter paranoia the WG seems to have when it come to the poneglyphs. Killing everyone makes sure there are no other people like Robin out there on the island, who are not really researchers but still seek answers and study that part of the forbidden history.

The World Government only authorized the murder of the Scholars the civilians were to be safely evacuated until Akainu blew them up any way. Which is what motivated Kuzan to allow Robin to escape despite being ordered to specifically kill her. Destroying the books means that none of their men being there could accidentally read something. But they seem to really be afraid of anyone finding out what happened. If you look closely at least one of the books thrown into the water by the scholars has been shown being read in the current timeline. Saul actually brought this up, asking why, if the research into poneglyphs was so dangerous, the government just didn't help the scholars instead of killing them.

I believe it did, evidence points to this - most recently in the last 3 years a discovery was found in 'wind' caves somewhere in Yorkshire I forget where exactly, I could look but academia is out for the summer. What they found was a family of Roman's, the archaeological find showed scarring to the bones that strongly suggest de-fleshing i. These bones were dated between 50BC - 70AD. Make your own mind up on that. Macro and Cato are selected to lead a small force into the Dark Moon's territory to recover the General's family. What they don't bank on is that they would be lead by the Iceni pair Boudicca and Prasutagus yes I laughed to - especially as Macro had a fling with Boudicca previously.

In future years both would become heavily involved in attempting to oust the Roman's from 'Britain'. I won't damn the novel for this, as ironically Boudicca came across how I'd imagine her to be in the early years of the invasion - inquisitive, wanting to know who she faced Better yet, 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer'. It's plausible that's how some of the 'British' tribes would have been. Optio Cato really begins to develop as a character, he begins to realise the bonds of brotherhood he is making with his Legion chums, especially the Sixth Century who Macro leads. For this one, the dynamic duo are left to their own initiative as I said above.

The four of the party become steadfast friends, something I enjoyed reading - seeing how their friendship developed during their attempts to locate and rescue Aulus's family. We get to learn a great deal more about both Cato and Macro, the background helps to give the reader understanding of background. There were a few faults with the novel, the author seemed to get confused between 'Cohorts' and 'Centuries' a few times. When Marco and Cato are with the Fourth Cohort, searching for raiders early on in the novel, the writer says " There's only one Cohort there buddy!

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